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HeartsRevolution is a New York-based band, described by NME as «the model for the modern pop group. One day all bands will be like this» The band is a boy/girl combo cryptically going by the names of «Ben» and «Lo» (real names Ben Pollock and Leyla Safai respectively) . They are also joined by a live drummer who is known as «Prince Terrence». HEARTSREVOLUTION were featured in the NME «top 50 bands, artists and innovators driving music forward» at number 36. The band relies on unusual modes of transport to all of their concerts and in April 2008 mounted an ice cream van for their first tour of the UK. . They have so far released a 12» called «Ultraviolence», an EP entitled «Switchblade», a split 6» along with Crystal Castles» and another EP - «C.Y.O.A.» 12». They also more recently had one of their songs «Dance Till Dawn» featured on the CW show Gossip Girl.

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