DJ Damian Feat.Dinamit - Kuchak - 7 Мая 2009
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DJ Damian Feat.Dinamit - Kuchak

About his person
...there is nothing you cant say about him...
Nowadays the representative of the Southern German capital, is traded as a front man of the German djs who knows how to pull it every mass with his live shows in his spell.
With over 100 shows per year one finds him again every week somewhere on German and international grounds, as for example of the Baltic Sea, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Lake of Constance, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia or even Greece where Damian himself has convinced the last critic of his 14-year-old dj's experience already for a long time.
Many airplays and presentations on radio stations like Jam FM (Berlin), Big FM (Stuttgart), Cosmium Radio (Stuttgart), Independence Radio (Stuttgart) and Blackmusic Radio (Hamburg) made possible for him the as well first experiences and insights of the world of presentation, pre-production as far as the music mastering.
Finally there are some excerpts from his references like concerts and supports for international top artists like Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, The Game, Usher or Lumidee to name some and appertain to the normal routine of DJ Damians day. Even on big events like of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, the Warsteiner beer promotion or the world-wide known music software-manufacturer E-Jay DJ Damian has already had the task to rock the crowds with his music.

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